Gold Dust Pieces

Gold Dust Pieces, Installation Chisenhale Gallery, 1987

Gold Dust Pieces, Installation Chisenhale Gallery, 1987

Installation view

Installation Chisenhale Gallery 1987

Gold Dust Pieces

Sutter's Fort 1869 (Hovey)

Perilous Descent (Bruff)

Crossing the North Platt River (Bruff)

Those Evil Lookin' Rattlesnake Mountains (Bruff)

Panning For Gold (Hovey)

Oh Boys I've Struck It Heavy!

Camp at Red Bluff Burr (Hovey)

Diary (Hovey)

Panning For Gold (Hovey)
Sharon Hall, Chisenhale Gallery

The works in this show are a sub-series of a larger project which is intended to cover the history of gold and the part it has played in the establishment of our present economic systems.

The work I had produced up until this point had often made use of prime source material in the form of old engravings and popular prints and in trying to find a set of images to use for the gold series I stumbled across some colour reproductions in an old Time Life book of original watercolours made by the pioneers of the American Gold Rush in 1849. At this time I was also aware of a piece of music by the American contemporary composer, Christian Wolff, entitled Star Dust Pieces, which had also made use of vernacular source material in its construction and composition. Eventually, and partly in homage to Wolff's music, I entitled the whole series Gold Dust Pieces. Wolff's use of a grid structure to simultaneously present a complete but spatially fragmented image, together with its use of material which stood outside of mainstream high culture became one of the primary concerns of these works.

Sharon Hall