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Histories (John White)

The Pyne Frute (John White)
The Borrowed Image

One can draw an analogy between Hall’s paintings and musical composition: she sees her use of visual fragments from another era as a form of transposition-a word which implies both a change of place or order, and the rendering of music in a different key. The images are captured from a bygone time and place, like broken refrains or phrases from a vast chorus of history .They are used in counterpoint, juxtaposed with the formal language of abstraction, to form new possibilities of composition.[…]

As suggested in the title, we are confronted with different histories and passages through time; that of White's original plan, which represents various dramatic occurrences that took place over a number of days, and that of a particular moment in history marked by the folding of the map, thus accidentally repeating recorded time through the mirroring of the image. But Hall also marks her own place in history-her physical involvement with the work-through the field of rhythmic marks, a tempo beat literally marking time […]'

Amanda Farr