Paintings 2015-2017

In Three ( Cadmium Yellow Deep, Plover Blue, Grey/Brown )

In Three ( Lemon Yellow, Grey )

Yellows Painting with Green

White Painting

Three Part in Greens

Two Part with Stacked Quadrangles (Yellow,Vermillion/Red, French Ultramarine, Burnt Umber )

Not Titled ( May Day )

Black Painting in Four Parts #2 ( Red, Green, Orange, Blue/Black)

Three Part #5( Yellow, Green, Black )

Not Titled (Black Painting )

2 Part (Light Ultramarine, Sap Green, White)

Not Titled ( Yellow Band )

6 Part Diamond (Yellows, White, Gesso, Grey)

3 Part (Gesso, Pink, Grey, Orange)

2 Part (Ultramarine, Pink, Cadmium Yellow)

2 Part (Green, Alizarin, Gesso)

2 Part (Pink, Grey, Gesso)

3 Part (Light Ultramarine, Sap Green, Burnt Umber)

2 Part (Light Ultramarine, Sap Green, White)

6 Part (Whites, Gesso, Yellow, Orange)

Untitled Study

Not Titled#5

Not Titled

Square with LinenPrivate Collection France

Not Titled (Diptych)#2

Not Titled #3 (Diptych)

In Part Spaced Diptych

In Part (Yellow, Greys, White)

4 Part (Pinks, Orange, Prussian Blue)

Small Square Study

Not Titled#4

6 Part (FFL)


Square with Linen Private Collection France

6 Part Diamond (Black, Yellow, Red, White, Gesso)

6 Part (Yellow, Orange, White, Red, Black)

4 Part with Lines (Red, Yellow, White, Gesso)

6 Part with Lines (White, Gesso, Yellows)

Two Pentagons ( Red, Yellow, Blue/Black )

Painting with Two Quadrangles Private Collection UK

Not Titled ( French Ultramarine, Burnt Umber, White Pencil )

In Five Parts ( Blue/black, Cerulean, Green, Burnt Sienna )

Not Titled ( Four Quadrangles )( Blacks,Blue/black, Yellow )

4 Part ( Blue/black,Brown, Black ) )

4 Part #2 ( Blues, Browns )


Painting in Three Parts #3 ( Black Paintings Series )

Stacked Quadrangles Private Collection UK

6 Part Spaced Diptych (Orange, Red, Pink, Blue, White)

In Part (Blue, Blue black, Terre Verde)

Green Tondo